I know I did not write in this blog for ages, and I feel sorry for that. To be honest, I decided not to write a blog, but I made up my mind again and changed ths decision.
So, I am in England now for 73 days, and a lot of things happened! I think I m not able to tell eversthing, simply because I can not remember everything, but I will give my best.
Well, in the beginning I would like to say, that I am happy here! Even if it sounds weird, I feel stronger and more self-confident here than in Germany. Here, and especially in the beginning of the exchange, I had to get all the energy for it from myself, which is very difficult sometimes.
I am not the only exchange student in my school and that is why I was in the first few weeks only only sorrounded by other exchange students, because it was really hard to find a connection to the English people. They know each other in years now, and they already have their groups of people. However, that was okay, because I came good friends with Johanna (she is from Sweden), Siriann (from Sweden) and some others. We got on really well, maybe because we shared the experience of being new in England. And that was good! I am not sure what I would have done without them. In the first few days I felt like a piece in a museum…in a way I can understand that, I mean, I/we were the new people and no one knew us…
However, after a while I became friends with some girls and boys from here. They are really nice!
In our school we have a Cafe, which is only for the Sixth Form, so the „Oberstufe“, in which I am. In lunchtime, nearly everyone is sitting there, and that is why I love this place! I love it to be surrounded by people and to talk with people.

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